Item Customizations

Item Customizations

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-Shipping/Lead Time is between 8-12 weeks from when an order is placed, excluding holidays.

-Units are shipped from California & Nevada, across the United States, shipping & install cost can vary from $500 to $6000 per unit, depending on location within US.

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  • Want to finance your HOHM One. unit over 24-84 months? We've partnered with Acorn Capital to make that a reality! Use HOHM's application link, HERE, to apply and see if you are approved, takes 1 minute. They work with credit scores as low as 550. 

A Peaceful Backyard Escape

Our HOHM One. pods give you a private, clean, and beautiful place to work, relax, and simply escape from distractions! :)

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Space to Relax


Space to Work

Make it your HOHM

Front Elevation

Overhead View

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108 sq. ft. Full dimensions available upon request. This size is perfect for a backyard office, extra bedroom, fitness space, etc. More sizes to come in the future.

Most solid surfaces will work, including a concrete slab, foundation blocks or crushed gravel. Placing directly on grass
or dirt is less recommended.

Being that the HOHM One. Outdoor Pod is under 120 sq. ft., and a temporary structure, you can generally bypass most permitting needed. You should still check with your local city rules however to confirm. We can help you with this. Ultimately permitting decisions are up and handled by the client.

Currently the lead time is 8-10 weeks, excluding holidays, from the time your order is placed. Lead time may vary depending on current order cue/demand.

We can ship our HOHM One. units anywhere within the US.

For international requests please reach out directly to discuss.