Tech-enabled pods for Sleep, Rest, & Work

What is HOHM?

HOHM is a fast-moving LA based start-up that produces Indoor & Outdoor tech-enabled pods, which allow users a private, safe, space to sleep, work, meditate, and more. 

HOHM initially began in 2019 with Indoor Sleep Pods, bookable via mobile phone, placing them in major Universities and Hospitals, across the US, as places of rest & recharge for hardworking employees, students, etc.

In 2024, HOHM then expanded into Outdoor Pods as well, which are beautiful crafted pods under 200 sq. ft. placed directly in your backyard, as spaces of work, rest, and more.

The goal with HOHM is to create a network of tech-enabled pods across the US, that are both in your backyard, and in public spaces, that you can access, share access to, and more. We're just getting started! 

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“I’m an ICU nurse working 13 hour shifts from 7 PM to 7 AM, 3 nights a week, and I’ve used HOHM pods over 40 times since October ‘20. These have been a lifesaver for me! Previously we had nowhere to go to recharge.”

Brent P. ICU Nurse- UH Cleveland Medical Center- December '20

"We’ve continuously looked for new ways to support our team, and HOHM Sleep Pods are a way we can help address their wellbeing"

Robyn Strosaker, MD- Chief Operating Officer UH Cleveland Medical Center

"Great experience and really appreciated a place to nap. I have been a nurse for 16 years working nights and would have to go to my car to sleep…it's horrible! These pods make a huge difference, thank you!!"

Demarcus B.- ER Nurse, Montefiore Medical Center

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HOHM for Hospitals

As these essential workers are pushed to their limits, we believe it is important to provide them with a private and safe space to rest, collect themselves and feel at home.

HOHM for Airports

All too familiar is the sight of people draped over uncomfortable seats trying to get some rest before their next flight. While airlines have adapted to new customer experiences over the years, the environment at airports has not kept up to speed.

HOHM for Universities

As our world becomes more cognizant of the overall well-being of our future generations, it is of no surprise that universities are struggling to tackle the crisis of overwhelmed students.

Introducing... Outdoor Pods

Our HOHM One. Outdoor Pods, new as of 2023, provide you with a private space outdoors to work, relax, or play. Buy one for your backyard today.

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