HOHM One. LIV (coming July &
HOHM One. LIV (coming July &
HOHM One. LIV (coming July &
HOHM One. LIV (coming July &
HOHM One. LIV (coming July &
HOHM One. LIV (coming July &
HOHM One. LIV (coming July &
HOHM One. LIV (coming July &

HOHM One. LIV (coming July '23, Pre-Order Now!)

Exterior Style
Heating & Cooling Upgrade (y/n)
Regular price$4,400.00

Introducing our HOHM One. LIV Model. 

Due to incredible consumer demand, HOHM is producing a larger unit, designed for living & staying overnight. The HOHM One. LIV will be nearly double the size, and feature the most key element that our HOHM One. model currently does not, a bathroom, and an optional kitchenette. 

If you want to create a true, extra living space, and/or a space to rent out, the HOHM One. LIV, is your best bet. 

Currently open for pre-sale from May '23, to July 1st, 2023. 

Actual unit production to begin July 15th 2023. 

Only 100 units to be produced in 2023, so place your pre-order NOW. 


This $3800-$4400 pre-order, is a 10% deposit, which will reserve you one of the HOHM One. LIV units for production in 2023. To receive your full completed unit you will be required to pay the remaining balance owed anytime between August '23-December '23, to begin producing your actual unit. 

HOHM One. LIV base unit price is $38k with a bathroom & no kitchenette, and $44k, with a kitchenette added. 

Final payments can be made 100% up front or on 50/25/25 payment schedules. 

Financing available via our partner Acorn Finance.  


HOHM One. Outdoor Pod, features:

-160 SQ. FT. (8 x 20)
-Hardwood Floor (Vinyl)
-Sleek Composite Wood Exterior
-Bathroom (sink, toilet, & shower).
-Overhead Recessed Lights
-Multiple outlets/charging ports for electronics
-Privacy Curtain 
-Kitchenette (optional, add-on)
-AC/Minisplit system (optional, add-on)
-Connection to water & electric, within main property. 
-Relocatable (pick up with forklift or crane, load onto truck, and relocate unit)


The HOHM One. LIV is perfect for:

-Extra Bedroom & Living Space
-Backyard Office
-Fitness Studio
-Yoga Studio
-Meditation Space 

Additional Notes: 

5-7 week production lead time, once full initial payment is made (50% down, or 100% up front, not only pre-sale deposit). 

Actual unit will look very similar to renders but may not be 100% identical.

HOHM does not prepare the placement site this is to be done by the client, recommended bases: concrete slab, gravel base, or concrete blocks. See here.

The HOHM One. LIV Outdoor Pod is being sold for personal use only.

HOHM Inc. does not sell these units for retail use, outside of private renting (ie. Airbnb, monthly renting by owner, etc. )

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