On demand sleep pods

HOHM creates custom engineered, on-demand sleep pods, which allow users a private, safe, place to close your eyes, nap, meditate, etc.

You can book HOHM directly online or via tablet, for 30 minutes all the way up to 4 hours.

Each pod comes equipped with 4 overhead skylights, charging ports for your laptop and cell phone, a comfortable twin sized bed, and more.

Our pods use various technologies, making them easy to sanitize during COVID times.

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HOHM pods for

Relaxation, anytime

Our HOHM pods create a comfortable and safe space for you to recharge.

We’ve continuously looked for new ways to support our team, and HOHM sleep pods are a way we can help address their wellbeing
Robyn Strosaker, MD- Chief Operating Officer UH Cleveland Medical Center
I Couldn't Recommend HOHM Enough To Hospitals Looking To Create Sharper And Healthier Employees.
Jason G. - Principal Architect A Major Hospital System
In the busy hospital environment, I’ve slept on floors before, and the ability to get a few hours of shut-eye post shift, before a long drive home, is invaluable.
Dr. Robert Hughes - Director of Emergency Medicine UH Cleveland Medical Center

HOHM app

(Coming soon)

Using our HOHM mobile app, employees can locate their nearest HOHM unit, and book pods for specific time slots, whether it's on their lunch break, after work before the commute home, or after pulling a dreaded all-nighter.

The booking can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on how much time they need, and how much they have.

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