HOHM provides our on-demand sleep pods to hospitals and healthcare organizations.

The healthcare field especially in the current climate, is one filled with employee fatigue, and burnout, which has a direct correlation to your employee's effectiveness on the job, morale, and ultimately, to your hospital's bottom line.

HOHM gives hardworking staff; doctors, nurses, residents, and hospital employees a private, and quiet place to recharge. Whether it's a 30 minute nap during a break, sitting back and closing your eyes, or even a quick meditation, HOHM provides employees with an on-demand, private space to get your head on straight, before going back to your critical job.

NASA's research proved that naps can fully restore cognitive function at the same rate as a full night of sleep.

According to a NASA study, a 26 minute nap produced a:

-54% increase in alertness
-34% increase in job-performance improvements

in pilots who took the nap in the cockpit, vs. those who didn't.

HOHM seeks to bring that same level of recovery to front line workers, via our HOHM Indoor Pods

If you are a healthcare administrator, interested in bringing HOHM pods to your hospital, please use the contact form below to get in touch.